Your Wheelchair,
Your Way

At MOGO we believe in you, the rider.

You know what you need and want in your wheelchair, we’re just helping you get there.

Your experience is the only one that matters, and so you’re the expert when it comes to your custom wheelchair.

It’s our job to take your expertise and turn it into the way you move.

It Takes Two To MOGO

Your role in the process is the most important.

Without you, nothing goes.

Your perfect ride is the product of your knowledge and our technology and craft, we’re here to bring your ideas to life.

Every step of the way, MOGO works with you. From the first design to the final manufacture.

We collaborate with you to make the best possible wheelchair for you and you alone.

Only Originals Since 1980

Every wheelchair we build is unique.

Sure, we have a few tried and tested modifications and features but in every MOGO Custom Wheelchair there are details and features that make each one a real original.

One of a kind.

Something only you and MOGO can manufacture.


Making Your Masterpiece


The MOGO process is simple for you.

We begin with a one-on-one consultation to find out exactly what you need and want in your wheelchair. We show you other examples and examine your existing chair.

It’s all about you.

MOGO works with whoever you need us to, your occupational therapist, your family – we’ll even ask your pets if they can help us make your movement better.


Once we have listened to and understood your experience,
we create a wheelchair design.

This is the beginning of your masterpiece.

At MOGO’s state of the art workshop, our craftspeople begin engineering your wheelchair.

Our processes and practices ensure your wheelchair is over-engineered and ready for the journey ahead.


All the details you imagined are added, from custom paint to upholstery and components.

Every inch of your MOGO is personalised to your specification.

It’s all about you, remember?

It’s Go Time!

Now that your wheelchair is almost complete, the only thing that’s missing is its rider.


We organise a test and ensure that all the careful work we’ve done throughout the process has produced a wheelchair that makes you move like never before.


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What Our Customers Say

Based on 8 reviews.
Abu Nadia
Abu Nadia
I want to Sincerely thank the entire Mogo team, especially Jason & Brett! I have been home bound because of a serious back injury & 2 failed surgeries; just had my third (24-12-20). I became a recluse, I no longer wanted to engage socially with family and friends or within the wider community. Being approved for NDIS & being funded for my customised wheelchair w/the motorised attachment was a Godsend! (Just picked it up today, 29-01-21), I feel like I have my life back. Now I look forward to life after surgery & being disabled. Spending time with Brett really gave me the motivation & inspiration to accept my circumstances & helped me through all the emotional hurdles! I love the holistic approach Mogo uses! I cannot say thank you enough for all that your entire team does! You’re changing lives for the better & that’s always a good thing! God bless you all! Samir Ahmad
Julie Jones
Julie Jones
Brett was amazing, always helpful, answered questions and reliable. Love my chair and Batec.
Ruby Soeterboek
Ruby Soeterboek
Ameera C Lee
Ameera C Lee
Very happy with my custom made wheelchair and the service provided by Mogo.
vincent baha
vincent baha
Gary Eckstein
Gary Eckstein
Great and helpful for custom wheelchairs and parts.
Nethal Tashman
Nethal Tashman
Shane M
Shane M

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