The Joey Active | Custom Kids Sports Wheelchair

The all-round athlete. Because some kids change sports every season! Whether basketball, tennis or rugby – they will have the energy, mindset and equipment to play any game in the Joey Active.

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About This Mogo

The Joey Active

The Joey Active is designed as the all-round athlete, the perfect piece of equipment to try any activity.

Designed to be totally versatile, the Joey Active is custom-built for multiple sports including tennis, basketball or even rugby. Using a clever design system, the Joey Active allows you to adapt for different sports with a range of attachable and removable components.

Ideal for kids who can’t decide on what kind of sports star they want to be this year.

Custom-made and ready to play with our range of sports inclusions:



  • T6 aircraft aluminium: incredibly lightweight and durable, t6 aluminium absorbs impact to make your ride more comfortable
  • All MOGO Customs are available with fixed or adjustable axle position and absolutely no minimum or maximum measurements. There are no limits with MOGO
  • Removable front fender / bash bar: Ready for every sport
  • Unlimited seat width and height
  • Your choice of cambar degrees: We recommend between 13-20 for our Sports Range
  • Your choice of any two colours with over 6000 to choose from



  • Rear Wheels: Spinergy R10 rear wheels with double anti-tip rear pivot technology
  • Castors: MOGO uses Froglegs Softroll as our standard option – 3″ casters with a choice of 88a or 92a hardness on the front
  • Tyres: Kenda tyres as our standard on all size wheels you’ll be ready to roll
  • Larger 5/8 axles for durability 
  • Sealed bearings for longer life and longer rides



  • Depth adjustable upholstery is standard in every MOGO
  • Seat and backrest are both made with super durable 420D Parapac Nylon
  • Velcro included for easy cushion attachment

MOGO Custom Wheelchairs.
The Only Way To Go.

What does it mean to go with MOGO Custom? MOGO Wheelchairs are built around their owners, in a unification of craft and technology. Of solid workmanship, state of the art materials and your own expertise as the rider.

Side By Side For The Whole Ride

We work side by side with you to build a wheelchair that goes beyond what is expected, toward unchartered territories and opportunities. That’s why hundreds of people choose MOGO Custom Wheelchairs – for life.

Ready. Set. MOGO.

Our range of custom built wheelchairs gives you a starting line – a place to begin your journey to new worlds of comfort and capability. From here, anything is possible. A totally customisable mode of movement, built around you and your lifestyle to suit the way you want to go. Because once you go MOGO, you never go back.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. MO-GO, go!

Every MOGO is proudly Australian Made to exacting standards, so you can have the peace of mind that wherever you go – you’ll always have a piece of home with you.

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