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Spinergy Handrim Push Rims

Ward off dents and scratches with a set of these!



Ward off dents and scratches with a set of these! Hard-anodized handrims for extra durability in contact sports or on the streets. If you take and deliver a beating on the courts (or daily life!) you’ll want a pair of these handrims. MOGO specifies these handrims as part of our standard range because they are so strong and light weight. Featuring 6 Tab as standard for 24″ through to 26″ and 12 Tab for 27″. Finished featuring to achieve a better grip than most aluminium handrims, they are a hard-working all-rounder and they’ll get you to wherever you need to go because they are super durable and easy to mount.

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Weight 0.2000 kg
Dimensions 0.000 × 0.600 × 0.100 cm

24" / 6 Tab, 25" / 6 Tab, 26" / 6 Tab, 27" / 12 Tab


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